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Welcome to UK Counselling Limited Therapy

Our therapy sessions embraces five service areas these being:

  1. Perinatal wellbeing:
    a. Post Natal Depression
    b. Parental Skills
    c. Prenatal / Antenatal depression
    Our service is geared towards the family wellbeing focusing on the needs of mothers and fathers before, during and after birth of the child. We provide a one to one or couple counselling on a flexible person-centred basis tailored to individual needs.
  2. Professional Supervision
    We provide counselling supervision for professionals in private practice and in training. Specifically, we provide training hours to meet your course requirements. BPS, BACP and UKCP professional requirements can be supplemented through us.
  3. General Counselling / Emotional Support For persons who have psychological issues we provide emotional support for:
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Relationships
    • Stress
    • Low Self Esteem
    • Chronic Illness

    Student Therapy counselling hours are provided to students to meet their training requirements on a one to one basis and depends on the course being pursued by the student.
  4. Academic Mentoring
    We will guide you on how to improve your academics from assisting students to articulate their thoughts to proof reading essays and research submissions. In all cases students are expected to do their own work however the methods in improving the Quality of Written Communication is what we do.
  5. Teaching and Training
    We run accreditated courses at Level 3-5 enhancing the skills we provide to patients for health care professionals, assistants, nurses, midwives and support workers (Level 3&4) giving your career a headstart for those aspiring to be on counselling training L3 to L5 to become a skilled helper.
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